First Post on 31st Lane!

Welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Ellisa and I’m happy to call this musing space a new home for my own disarrayed thoughts or other weird whimsies. But um, well, please don’t back off, certainly there will be a lot more than just that – it’s going to be kaleidoscopic enough with much unpredictability on my part. Yet I guess you’d already know what a personal blog would look like in a glance: It’s usually filled with one’s personal stories, experiences, ramblings, views, opinions… and sometimes, maybe, uncontrollable angst. And useless things? Perhaps #grins

Regardless, I hope I can fill in this place with my own colour and spread more positive vibes around. For those who happen to stumble their way and get here somehow, I hope you’d enjoy your stay!



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