About Me

Hi, my name’s Ellisa.


I’m 100% bibliophile. Sometimes I read classics by day and I read science fiction by night. Sometimes I’d go for magical realism; but sometimes I would be in the mood for heavy, literary fiction or pure romance before sleep. I’m fond of illustrated books. I read children and young adult and adult books alike, and am always happy that I have a multitude of choices in my reads. But in the end, I cannot lie that eventually it’s fantasy that feels most like home to me.

I’m constantly filled with chronic wanderlust and curiously interested in exchanging thoughts about life and its perks. I love doodling and sometimes write for personal amusement. I enjoy art and I have passion in design – though I’m not an expert – hence I really, really respect minds who produce and create, which naturally explains why I love illustrators, book authors, composers, etc. – those who create other worlds. Without them, our world would be falling apart! Really!

I created this space simply to record my thoughts and my own life chronicles, and have a place of my own to relax. Feel free to shoot a comment or anything, and while you’re here maybe you can check out my Instagram account 😉

Thank you so much for visiting and hope you have a fabulous day!