Dancing Between the Dangerous Line


You might remember that darkest time. When you feel like you have no drive whatsoever to propel you forward in life. You see no meaning in your future ahead. It’s hazy, you don’t know what to do, you’re drifting. It might be easier if you just get stranded alone on a beach, instead of floating around on a buoy somewhere in the vastness of the ocean with no hints of direction.

I guess it’s getting hard to actually open your eyes and really see, when you’re in the darkest shelf of your life. It may be  a hard thing to do, and I guess, it’s just as well so easy to suddenly lose purposes – once tightly-held and valued purposes, and to just get drowned or disappear. Things that mean the world to you, reduced to nothing. You might ask yourself why on earth you have to keep living and continue all of this ordeal … Because you find out that it’s all hopelessly meaningless.

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Exploring The Island of Natural Wonder, Jeju, South Korea (Part 2)

Day 2 in Jeju began with a good start: Blue sky with no hint of rain. It was a cool, sunny day to get around! Our hotel was situated around Jeju City (northern Jeju area), so it took us around 1-hour drive to get to our first destination of the day, Jeongbang Waterfall, which lies in Seogwipo City, that is in the southern part of Jeju.

Our driver drove us from the north straight to south through Mt. Halla-san. If you see the map of Jeju, you’ll know that Halla-san – or Mount Halla – is prominently located in the center of Jeju Island. It was a memorable drive accompanied with a series of K-Pop music hits (dunno, our driver set it just like that). The road through the mountain was actually quite broad, and as smooth as a toll road. The mountain trees fenced in from each side of the road, their branches sometimes touched each others that at some points they formed a beautiful leafy tunnel. We even passed by a vast horse ranch! Sadly I didn’t take much pictures during the drive; those I happened to capture unfortunately are all blurred pictures ^^ The forests were so amazingly beautiful even in late Spring, and I bet the foliage will be more beautiful in autumn hues.

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Exploring The Island of Natural Wonder, Jeju, South Korea (Part 1)

Jeju Island is blessed by a plethora of natural wonders. During good weather, it’s definitely a true paradise for those who simply just want to get lost and have an adventure. It was our first time to Jeju, so naturally we’d listed down a number of must-see places that might be touristy as well. We just didn’t care about the crowds one bit because, hey, it was spring! Spring was the perfect time to have an outdoor vacation together with others – it was about springy mood and great ambience with more people around.

Our first day in Jeju, our taxi driver brought us to our first destination, Manjanggul Lava Cave.

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The Times When I Feel Content with Life

1. When I get to sleep under my own blanket after a long day, hugging my own pillow so close with all lights turned off, all of my worries and problems seem to melt away in its familiar comfortableness.


Well, yes, it’s just so comforting (unless when I’m in my period, period) that I would feel blissfully content, grateful for being able to sleep in my own bed to snuggle inside the bed cover and to occasionally look up at the messy arrangement of my glow-in-the-dark stars, pasted on my ceiling above.

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Space and Silence

I once posted this on my Instagram account:

I just… don’t want to live ambitiously; I just want to live quietly in this world, doing the things I love, spending life in my own way.

This statement sounds so full of definite certainty, but it’s still kinda unclear, isn’t it?

I’m not trying to impress anyone. Honestly, this thought stands out the most amidst my own doubts and insecurities, a persisting existence like a moonlight in the blackest of the night. The Earth keeps rotating on its own axis, the world keeps on turning around endlessly, and its people will also keep on moving, changing, and growing. Possibly and presumably and generally, us in their twenties are having the busiest times of our lives: We are trying to define our places in this world, having goals that are becoming more refined and concrete, continuously challenging ourselves to grow, accumulating a stock of decisions and plans that are now becoming clearly illustrated more than ever, waiting to be commenced.

So… you see, as someone who’s in her twenties, I feel a little bit guilty when I think about slowing down to just… breathe.

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