The Times When I Feel Content with Life

1. When I get to sleep under my own blanket after a long day, hugging my own pillow so close with all lights turned off, all of my worries and problems seem to melt away in its familiar comfortableness.


Well, yes, it’s just so comforting (unless when I’m in my period, period) that I would feel blissfully content, grateful for being able to sleep in my own bed to snuggle inside the bed cover and to occasionally look up at the messy arrangement of my glow-in-the-dark stars, pasted on my ceiling above.

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First Post on 31st Lane!

Welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Ellisa and I’m happy to call this musing space a new home for my own disarrayed thoughts or other weird whimsies. But um, well, please don’t back off, certainly there will be a lot more than just that – it’s going to be kaleidoscopic enough with much unpredictability on my part. Yet I guess you’d already know what a personal blog would look like in a glance: It’s usually filled with one’s personal stories, experiences, ramblings, views, opinions… and sometimes, maybe, uncontrollable angst. And useless things? Perhaps #grins

Regardless, I hope I can fill in this place with my own colour and spread more positive vibes around. For those who happen to stumble their way and get here somehow, I hope you’d enjoy your stay!